Let’s give this a shot!

Hey there… I’m at it again! Can’t sit still and don’t stick to just one thing for long!! So let’s give this blogging thing a shot! It may take some time…it may not look as pretty as some other bloggers out there but it will be honest, it will be raw, and I hope it can provide you with some sort of value. If not for today, then maybe a day in your future.

Bear with me as I continue to get things set up and working on my next post. My goal is to provide you with all things mama-essential! Recipes and the good and mostly, bad TV shows, in between taming the temper tantrums, raising pigs while selling professional makeup, and running a household over here on 17 acres. My day’s are busy, filled with some yelling, some tears and most definitely some laughs…but we are fully filled with faith and love, first and fore-most, every day.

Can’t wait to dive in! Hope you’ll stick around to learn some tips and tricks about how on earth I seem to manage my house and run a successful business…heck, who knows!?

Maybe you’ll be doing this thing with me one day!! 😉

Image may contain: 1 person, beard, sunglasses, outdoor, nature and closeup
Don’t let me kid ya, I have this handsome guy along side everything I do.
Highschool sweethearts >>> Homeschoolin Homesteaders!

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